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Local denturist goes extra mile for patients

 By: Sheldon Birnie

Posted on Winnipeg free Press: 03/7/2018 9:48 AM

For denturist Vahid Danaei, making people smile is not only his vocation, it’s his passion.

"I don’t want to be someone who just does a regular practice," said Danaei, a licensed denturist with the Regent Denture Clinic and Implant Centre (Unit#1- 549 Regent Ave. W). "I always wanted to do something extra. That’s going to make myself proud, that I’ve done something, that I could help someone. When people smile, I smile."

Regent Denture Clinic is in on the ground floor providing a microchip denture implant, which stores vital information, and scanner system. While microchip technology itself is not necessarily a new development, Danaei hopes that the non-invasive nature of the denture implant system he has invented will hold some appeal.

"Microchips have been around for years, but people did not ask for them," Danaei said. "Nobody wants a strange object inside your body."

The microchip denture implant technology can be added to any prosthetic offered by the clinic. Information is loaded onto the chip, which can be scanned by other medical professionals who decide to make use of the technology.

Danaei believes the microchip can be of great use to older patients, particularly those who are experiencing memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s.

"Say, if by accident something happens, medical professionals can scan the chip and they can have access to your information right away," Danaei said. "That’s the goal."

Visit or call 204-224-8800 for more information.

Breaking News - Vahid Danaei has earned a title -Inventor- in "2017"

Invented- Microchip Denture Implant System & Method 

Valid Danaei - Attended 2018 Technorama

2018 Technorama. The Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC) Proudly Presented. The 44th Annual Technorama™. Canada's Largest Dental Technology and Denturism Convention.

Vahid was very kind and professional at the same time. I am very happy with the dentures. Thanks you so much.


Lora D.


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