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The referral of your friends and family is the greatest compliment you can give us.

"Thank you for your trust"

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We are committed to providing every patient with modern denture treatments and techniques in a comforting, welcoming setting. We’re always happy to hear from our clients about their experience at our office because it lets us know what we’re doing right, as well as how we can improve our level of service. Take a look at the testimonials on this page to discover what our patients think about our office and our services and then contact us to schedule an appointment.


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“I Brag About, And Recommend You To Everyone I Know Who is Thinking Of Having This Done. 

Believe Me, They Are All As Nervous As I Was.

You Are Truly an Artist With Teeth, And I Am So Very Grateful That You Helped Me.”

Very Sincerely - Anita S.

“Dear Vahid,

How Can I Thank You?

Honestly My Teeth Feel and Look So Great , I can't Stop Smiling!

You Have Such a lovely Calm Demeanour. You're Perfect For Excitable Patients Like Me. ”

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Customer Testimonials

You are providing great service to your patients. I'll be sure to mention you as I talk to friends and family who have a difficulty to find a reliable Denturist. Thanks again
Ali M. - Age: 65

As a patient of yours, I do appreciate the convenience of your availability. Thanks for your expertise. 

Bob K. - Age: 76

Being a younger patient and having so many requests and specifications, it's so hard to find a Denturist that listens. Vahid Danaei accomodated them all. He was so patient and kind and always listened to what I wanted/needed. Thanks to his assistant Melvin as well for the support! Will definitely recommend Regent Denture Clinic!

S. D.

Thank you so much Vahid , you are so professional and very good at what you are doing . I’m so happy with my new denture. This is the best one I had. I highly recommend you.


Evangeline. T.

I wanted to drop this note to you to let you know how happy I am with my new Anti-Snoring appliance. The quality, fit and finish of my mouthpieces are exceptional! The extra care that you took on the prep work shows through in the finish and comfort of this appliance. It fit the first time and now a few months later all is still fitting like day one!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ed J Belanger

Thank you for the professional work ! 


Iren Kulcsar

I have nothing but good things to say. Vahid's attention to detail is outstanding. He strives for perfection. His focus is for a great result...and it really shows in his work. He is warm and welcoming and makes tou feel comfortable. He is truly a professional !

Marlene W.

Vahid, I would like to thank you for the beautiful smile that I have . From the first time that I met you to the last visit very caring ,informative and professional. I will recommend you to anyone that I know and even to those I do not know. To anyone reading this please see Vahid at Regent Denture clinic , you will be glad you did. We are so lucky to have Vahid in Transcona but it is worth the trip from anywhere . Thanks Again Vahid.

Louis D.

Thank you so much Vahid. You are so great at your job.The way you pay attention to detail, ends up being a natural and great work. Nobody can tell that I am wearing dentures, and compliment me on my nice smile!

I would recommend you to anyone that needs to get their smile back. You are an amazing talent!


Marlene M.

Changed my life! I finally have the smile back I've been waiting for after 10 years! Vahid Danaei DD. was exceptional, caring, understanding and comforting during the complete process! Can really see how he cares for his patients and he makes outstanding smiles! I wish I had seen him 10 years ago, I could not be more pleased and satisfied! Highly, highly recommend-If I could give 10 stars I would!! Thank you for giving me my smile and confidence back!!

Irma D.

Vahid is, I agree, a true professional at his 'craft' and has a knack at placing you at ease from the moment you meet him. I'm from out of town(8 hours)and he totally accommodated us(my wife and I) to only 2 visits(and that's completely done) which was greatly appreciated! I've been wearing my 2 new partials, upper and lower for 5 weeks now and as he said it would take 2-3 weeks to get used to the adjustment, and here I am ready to give a big thumbs up to Vahid Danaei's workmanship in every aspect: of the visits, timing, professional courtesy and mostly the perfect fit of the partials and returned my smile from the 'missing teeth' which prevents one from smiling at will. I have and will continue to tell all who need a professional denturist of Vahid's expertise. Also of note, I asked him what the warranty was and he said, 'Always, as you're part of the family now'!!! Now that's service!!

Paul St.Cartier

I've worn dentures for over 40 years and I never had a better fitting set of dentures. Vahid goes over and above making sure your dentures fit and feel like their your own teeth.

Thank you Vahid


Tim Pomanski

I'm not one for sending reviews on services, but I just had to in this instance. My mother got a new set if false teeth, she is 93 years old and very hard of hearing. Vahid showed a great deal of patience with her and was great at ensuring she understood everything that he did. In fact as we were leaving she commented to me that Vahid made her feel comfortable and was easy to understand, And she was very satisfied with her new Choppers, as she called them. Thank you for the great experience bestowed on an elderly person.


Randy Basarab

If you want cheap dentures don’t go to Regent Denture Clinic because you are dealing with Vahid Danaei. This man has been in Transcona for 26 years honing his craft and believe me when I say this man is meticulous and never takes short cuts to produce the finest dentures in Winnipeg. If you want the top line of dentures this is your man. The people I work with thought I had veneers on my teeth not dentures thats how beautiful these teeth are. I would recommend anyone who wants lasting dentures to give him a call you will not be sorry . I am over the moon happy with my upper dentures and my partial plate they fit like a fine glove.


Jim Davison 

Friendly, professional and considerate staff, exceptional quality and comfort. I have my smile back and would never go anywhere else. Very happy.


Robin C. 

I can’t believe how good a job was done on my dentures. They look like my real teeth. They were very well made. l tell all my friends that I got them at Regent Denture Clinic.

 Definitely worth it I put it off for so long. I am very grateful for denturist - Vahid Danaei. he helped me through the whole process from start to finish. 


Dave S. 

 If you’re looking for the best denturist in Winnipeg then you have found him! Vahid is meticulous and patient. The quality of his workmanship is excellent. He created a beautiful and comfortable set of dentures for me. I would highly recommend Regent denture clinic for the best set of dentures you’ll ever have!


Eszter K.

Very happy with my new dentures. They look natural and are very comfortable. Vahid is extremely meticulous and a true master at creating the best dentures you'll ever have. Thank you from Eszter Katona.


Eszter Katona

Vahid is very personable and gives his best to achieve exceptional results. If you are looking for an outstanding denturist, look no further!


Sharon H.

Recommendations to Vahid Danaei, the Denturist, for his professional expertise in addressing my questions in regards to dentures. His knowledge, patience and compassion made my appointments a pleasure. There is no doubt in my mind that it is individuals like Vahid Danaei, who instil client trust and desire to continue on recommending the Regent Denture Clinic & Implant centre for above average service.


Pauline L.

I cannot say enough about the excellent service I received. Vaheed is very caring, thorough and professional. I was at ease the minute I started talking to him. His expertise is second to none. Thank you so much. You have a client for life. I will not hesitate to recommend your service.


Pat M. 

Thank you so much. This is my 4th set of denture. I have had 3 different denturist. You’re the 4th and definitely the best of all. I can’t get over how professional you are. I think I have never been as well served as you made for me the best dentures possible. In five visit you made the very best fit.


Diane M.S. -Age: 62

They fit really good I’m really happy with your service and I tell everybody how good you are


Brian B. -Age: 71

Vahid, I am very fortunate to have found you! I am 86 years old and have had dentures for 65 years during which time I have had many dentures made by various denturists and dentists. I have never experienced any of them with as much knowledge, ability and perfectionism as yourself. You are very patient in providing the best possible dentures with 100% satisfaction. I would not hesitate for one minute to recommend my family and friends as your patient. Thank-you so much for your concern with my continual well being! Sincerely, 

Allan Rice


Allan R. - Age: 86

Completed a process earlier this year wherein I had to replace an upper denture as a result of an accident at home. Contacting Regent Denture Clinic was a luck of the draw thing as I went into the internet and found you. In retrospect this was a really lucky choice on my part. The treatment and obvious care on the part of Vahid was evident from the very first meeting. I am now the recipient of a new upper denture and have had essentially no issues/problems with it. One small correction and from that point on, I am very pleased with the care and quality of work from you.... very professional.... Thank you


Robert L. - Age: 76

Vahid has changed my life. He gave me the smile I always wanted. He is an artist with dentures. Best, polite, accommodating, happy, just excellent :)


Tammy H. - Age: 42

The best denturist that I have met yet and the best fitting dentures. Great looking. I'm pleased. If you are not client of this man for long time, you will, because he is very good at what he does.


Larry C. - Age: 82

The work done by Vahid is beyond my high expectations. The Dentist recommended by him was excellent. This work has changed my enjoyment of food, and I love my appearance.


John B. - Age: 75

We had a great experience at Regent Denture Clinic. Vahid is very Understanding and patient. very pleased with the result.


Florence S. - Age: 82

I have always had excellent and courteous service. I have replaced my dentures twice with Regent Denture Clinic and the quality and craftsmanship is beyond compare.


Viola D. - Age: 78

I was wrong. Treated my step father good after wrong teeth were pulled by surgeon. My parents highly recommend this place and told me to give 5 stars. I like to say sorry. My parents r very happy.


Deb C. 

They focus on you and your needs by taking the time to answer your questions, explaining procedures clearly and educating you about available options.

Regent Denture Clinic not only exceeded my expectations, they gave me back my "true smile"

Very professional and knowledgeable


Debby.L. - Age: 58

Thank you so much Vahid for taking extra special care of my father and giving him a new bright smile. You have a very caring and professional approach. I will recommend you to others.


Doreen D. 

The denturist was very patient with my mom who is 91 years old. He created the new smile for her. 


Anabella D. - Age: 61

original (3).png

Thank You again for being so understanding. This shows me your kindness and empathy that you possess.

Most Sincerely - Linda B.

Your specialist is very organized and fast providing high quality professional service.


Gaetano G. _ Age: 67

My mom is totally impressed with her new teeth. I recommended you to my mother in-law who lives in Churchill and already made an appointment to come and visit your Office. Thank you.


Mago J.

I am thrilled with my new face! Vahid ; you did an amazing job and I absolutely recommend you to anyone. Wonderful !  


Scott A.

I would like to take an opportunity to say thanks to Mr. Vahid Danaei for his an excellent job for my mom. He explained about the whole process clearly and spends lots of time in every appointment to make my mom satisfied. He made a beautiful denture for my mom who couldn’t eat properly. Now she can enjoy her life by having variety of food. We highly recommend Regent Denture Clinic if you want to receive high level of customer service.


Elle M.

Thank you for support and being a member of MacMichael Canadian Art Collection.

Enjoy! - Maria

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Excellent Service, Would recommend to anyone!


Jane L.

Everything was done quickly, and so friendly, highly recommend him to anyone. 

bonnie K.

I am very impressed with the quality of workmanship, knowledge, and treatment. Recommend highly.


Brent M.

Great job, It could not be any better!


Wojciech I.

Thanks, After 3 months of my bottom teeth not meeting my top teeth due to a poor fit. They now feel like my own teeth.


Kale K.

original (5).png

You have one happy patient being Linda Bazuk. There is no more for improvement because your practise is at the the top level, Thank you ever so much!

Linda B.

Your service to me was excellent. I would be happy to refer you to others.


D. S.

Sofar my new denture feels very good. Vahid was always extremely friendly and professional. I would defiantly recommend this place.

J. K.

I have had several sets of dentures and with this set I have not had to come back for adjustments and no discomfort. Very happy with the look and feel of them.


Carol S.

Perfect feel, friendly . Privet, understanding personal.


Karen M.

I really really like this denture. I mean I love it. I got back my smile after so many years. 


Richterson J.

Dear staff at Regent Denture Clinic,

Thank You from the Epilepsy and Seizure Association of Manitoba for your generous sponsorship of the 25th Annual Maurice Dumontier Memorial Golf Tournament.

original (5).png
original (6).png

Please know that your support allows us to continue to be a valuable resource for those affected by epilepsy and seizure disorder.

Sincerely, E.S.A.M.

He is very kind and very friendly to deal with.


Rosa C.

Vahid was very kind and professional at the same time.  I am very happy with the dentures. Thanks you so much.

Lora D.

Flexible partial dentures-when I had my first pair it was heavily as compared with the metal dentures- Cold in the winter!! They are much lighter to wear and easier to clean as well. Recommended !


Denise E.

I found the Denturist to be very Courteous and gentle. He explained all procedure very well.


Paul M.

You have one happy patient being Linda Bazuk. There is no more for improvement because your practise is at the the top level, Thank you ever so much!


Linda B.

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